The KoPoint Minecraft Project, EP 006 – Exploring

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In this episode of the KoPoint Minecraft Project, Doc and Dan discuss exploration, where to go and more importantly, how to get back.

Put marker towers in prominent, easily found locations to create a “brightways” path at night. This one points to the next marker.

We cover the basics of how to find out where you are in the world through the use of F3 and the coordinate system, making sure you know where your base is, how to get lost and how to find your way back.  Through the clever use of lit towers and strategically placed torches, you should never feel lost.

A lighthouse is a much prettier way to see your location. This one can be seen from far away.

Above ground building lit towers, with glowstone, lava or torches which you can see from a distance is a good way to find your way back.  Underground, remember:  Lights on the right.  If you always place your lights to your right side as you explore caves, when you are coming back, if you keep your lights on the left, you will always find your way back to the surface.  We also touch on finding your way around in the Nether.

Always remember, when exploring a cave, “lights on the right”. When you return, keep the torches on your left and you will be able to return to the surface.

We also discuss mapping programs that you can use if you are simply hopelessly lost!

In the nether, lit sandstone pillars are your best friends! The high contrast with the surrounding environment make them easier to see.

Download Audio: The KoPoint Minecraft Project, EP 006 – Exploring

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