KoPoint News, EP 005 – Hipsters, Kinda

In which Marc and Dan and joined by Julie Zeveloff of Business Insider for a discussion on hipsters, kinda. While we had a lively talk, most discussion fizzled with a, “huh…” In other words, it was oddly difficult to parse beyond the superficial and our recording suffered as a result. This certainly the most odd episode of a KoPoint podcast to-date. We apologize for the humorously truncated nature of this episode. – DHP

Dan and Marc were joined by Julie Zeveloff, Lifestyle editor at Business Insider. They set out to tackle a tricky topic – hipsters. What is a hipster? Who is a hipster? After looking at big subjects like the CIA, Syria, and Major League Baseball, the three amigos thought that hipsterdom would be a cinch. But there is much more to the hipster than meets the eye.

Many questions were raised and some challenging contradictions emerged. For example, is being a hipster more about music, or fashion, or a whole lifestyle? What is the relationship between poor hipsters and rich hipsters? Is hipster self-awareness inward looking nonsense, or does it represent a real cultural trend? Is it cool to call yourself cool? Are hipsters living in the now, or planning for the long term.

Ultimately, the biggest challenge came from one simple problem. While we see hipsters everywhere, very few step up and claim this term for themselves. Without a willingness to defend a hipster ideal…will we be lost in this sociological morass forever? Listen and find out!

Download Audio: KoPoint News, EP 005 – Hipsters, Kinda

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