The KoPoint Minecraft Project Ep. 004 – Basic Structures

In this recent episode of the KoPoint Minecraft Project’s Crafting podcasts, your crafting hosts Dan and Doc discuss building projects.  We begin by picking up last week’s topic of surviving with some ideas on building houses.

This house was the "Governor's Quarters" in my imperial Capital on our old Server, built before the rest of the city was built

We discuss beginning “house theory”, which is simply an inhabitable cube, to the improvement of the materials used to construct the houses, to the expansion of houses from one room to several rooms.  At the end, we briefly touch on the fundamentals of architectural and landscape design.

The thinking behind simple housing construction is the move from interacting with the game as such, into something which is like recreating the world within the game.  For example:  a person may realize that a shed is all they need to store stuff in and to provide a small degree of safety from the outside world, and if this is all a player wants to do with Minecraft, the game will get bring real fast.  But if a player decides to use the game as a model of the real world, which is, in our opinion, where one of the real values of the game is, building a house is likely one of the first things a person will want to build.

We have included a slideshow where readers can watch the progression of the construction of a house Doc recently built on the KoFight World.

3 thoughts on “The KoPoint Minecraft Project Ep. 004 – Basic Structures

  1. Thank you. I fully support the idea of a show featuring you, Dan and Quentin. I would love to listen to that show.

    • @Chris @Doc Yo, likewise. I’d love to see the Doc episodes occur organically, and concurrently work in content and commentary from the other folks on our server. Could be a ton of fun. Loved this episode.

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