The KoPoint Minecraft Project Episode 003 – Simple Machines And How Stuff Works Pt. 1

In episode three of the ‘KoPoint Minecraft ProjectDoc Stodden and Dan Patterson roll through Minecraft block types, resource management, and simple machines. Doc explains how various blocks like dirt, stone, and lava work. He also details the basics of pressure plates, buttons, and Redstone.

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In the first of several planned episodes on the mechanics of things that players come across in Minecraft, Dan and Doc turn to the discussion of Blocks, physics, and simple machines.

The stuff you will find underground while looking for Ore will amaze you!

We discuss ubiquitous blocks (like dirt, wood, stone, sand, and gravel) coal and various ores.  We discuss how to find and use redstone.

When you arrive in Minecraft, this is usually what you see

We also begin a discussion about blocks that demonstrate physics of the world (like water, trees and lava) as well as a short discussion of Blast resistance.

The Most Generic Base, A bed, table, furnace and chest. Think about improving this.

Finally we wrap it up with a discussion of the importance of the most generic machines, like furnaces, crafting tables, and beds, and a return to the topic of micro and macro crafting.  This builds on a discussion about light and the importance of even the simplest of bases to keep monsters away from you.

This is what happens to dirt bases when Creepers blow up next to them. Think about using more resistant materials.

Looking forward, we may do a show about moving from the simplest cube which is little more than a dirt shed with a crafting table, a furnace and a bed in it to a rudimentary house (with some basics of architecture) and then to a much more comfortable palace fitting for a God in a big world.  We also plan a discussion on exploration of the big world beyond your immediate surroundings.  Stay tuned.

Lights and markers, like the one placed at this village, help you find your way back when you are lost.

Audio Enclosure: The KoPoint Minecraft Project, EP 003 – Simple Machines