Efficient Security

The Exterior of the Palisade! A new form of Efficient Security

Efficient Wall building for Survival

This post concerns a very crucial aspect of the early game:  Protection from Monsters.  (The game refers to them as mobs, and so will I.)Mobs are destructive and if you are playing survival or extreme mode, they can be deadly.  There are two ways to keep them out:  Lighting the world with torches, and building a wall to keep them out (using the two in conjunction provides a nice safe environment for you to begin building your dream home.)

A technique I began using in this game was the Palisade.  Easy to construct, and a LOT faster than piling stones upon one another to a height that I was comfortable.Previously, I would construct a wall that was several blocks high, and was meant as a curtain to separate myself from the hostilities.  In survival mode, this effort was limited greatly by the amount of blocks I had at my disposal.  And then, there was the problem of when a mob started following me, there was a good chance that either it would hop over a low wall, or climb up it.  If it was a creeper, it would simply explode, blowing a hole in my precious curtain wall, a crater in the ground outside the wall and a chunk out of my life, if it didn’t kill me all together.

A wooden palisade doesn’t completely address these issues, but it is way easier to build, and protects against spiders, zombies, and skeletons (who like to shoot over walls) completely.  The creepers, well, they are a problem, but the palisade will at least keep them away from you, and is the base is properly lit, they won’t spawn inside.

To build one, all you have to do is get a BUNCH of saplings from oak trees.  To get those, either play creative, or chop down a bunch of trees by breaking all the wood out of the tree.  The leaf blocks will break and occasionally (about 5% of the time) they will drop saplings.  You usually will get four or five saplings from each tree, so plant those and keep doing the same thing over and over again until you get several stacks (64 x) of saplings.  Then plant those around a huge area that you want to enclose to become your base.  Plant them right next to one another to form an solid wall of wood and leaves.

Growth is speeded by bonemeal.  You can get this by killing skeletons (while you are running the tree harvesting operation), getting their bones, and then grinding them up (the same way you transform wood blocks into lumber).  Clicking each sapling with a bonemeal will cause it to grow immediately.  Doing this over and over again will create a solid wooden wall with leaves facing outward that prevent spiders from crawling up the wall.  On the inside of the wall, you can clear out a two block high walkway under the leaves for easy access, or you can clean the trees completely on the inside, based on your preference.  Here is what the palisade looks like when it is completed.

A secure perimeter is the best perimeter

You’ll want to enclose an area that is at least big enough for a house or two for you and friends if they are playing, as well as some shops where you will be building the contraptions I will describe over the course of this project.  In the future, you may also consider building towers in the corners.  Much of the building materials are already in place, you just need to hollow out a 3×3 square column in the middle, using the corners as 2 sides and building up the other two to the leaf base, and then building a stairway up it to a platform.  Light the platform, and you have nice look outs from which you can safely snipe at mobs below.Efficient Lighting for your baseThe second step to creating a secure base is to efficiently light the ground.  The last thing you want is mobs spawning inside your wall  There is a real simple formula for the most efficient placement of torches on ground level.  On a flat surface the torches should be placed every 6 blocks (that is, with 5 blocks empty between them.)  Doing this over a large area produces a 6X6 grid pattern that is easily recognizable from above.

Make your lights in 6×6 grids to rid yourself of monsters

At night, looking at it, you will notice a spot in the center of each box which is darker than the surrounding blocks.  It is in the exact center of each of those boxes.  Place a torch on each of these dark spots (here’s a tip, they are also 6 blocks away from the next one, in a straight line) and you will form the diagonal rows you see in this picture.  It is more or less two 6×6 grids offset and overlaid.This is enough to keep mobs from spawning within.  And apparently, mobs don’t spawn on leaves so you are protected from the air as well.There you have it:  your first steps toward a secure base.  A good wall is absolutely necessary for the survival of any player in the early parts of the game.  This is an easy and efficient way of both building that wall to keep the horrors of a world without people out, as well as to maintain a modicum of security inside.  As you obtain more resources (or, as you decide to improve security in creative mode) eventually you will want to replace at least the bottom layers of your palisade with stronger material (obsidian is the best) but for now, while you continue your efforts at getting your bearings in the world, having a degree of security is essential to proceeding to later stages of the game.Once you have your security, you can build yourself a bed out of wool and lumber planks, and reset your spawn point to a place of safety and security.  And when you have that accomplished, build a door in the wall of the palisade and get outside to explore the world (or if you are in creative mode, just fly over the palisade.)

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