The KoPoint Minecraft Project – Introduction

This is my avatar in Minecraft

Welcome to the KoPoint Minecraft Project.

In the near future, we will begin posting on the game called Minecraft, by Mojang. If you are not familiar with the game, it is definitely worth a try.  A synopsis of the game:  you wake up one day in a deserted world.  Your job is not just to survive, but eventually, thrive.  The world is literally yours to shape as you wish.  It is a great sandbox game, with some of the elements of an adventure/rpg, but there is no storyline to speak of to get into the way of you making of the game what you like. 

The game exists in three different forms: 

There is survival mode, which is the classic type of Minecraft, where you have to find all the materials and attempt to survive in a hostile world, starting with a small little cave, and eventually, after finding diamonds among other things, building your way up to an impenetrable fortress.

There is also Extreme Mode, which is like survival except every monster in the world comes and finds you, and tries to kill you.  And when you die, you don’t come back.  It is up to you to not blow it.

Finally, there is the architect’s dream, called Creative Mode, where you literally play the role of a god, with the power, within certain parameters, to bend geography and geology to your will.  You have infinite resources, can’t be hurt at all, and can build cities as long as your imagination holds out.  This game is far different from the above modes, because you don’t need to explore to find resources; they are at your fingertips.  You explore to find out what sort of cool formations the game generates.  This is the mode I will be using to demonstrate all of what can be done with Minecraft.

The posts I present in the KoPoint Minecraft Project will be on Minecraft theory, as well as a far more practical material, which consists of actually building stuff that is useful but it may not even occur to the Minecraft architect that something like this is possible.  Much of it usually has to do with the use of electricity via redstone.  Mastering the basics of that is a great advance in the ability to play the game and do cool stuff.  Our eventual aim is to produce a short series of podcasts about this game, and perhaps take this knowledge and put it into an easily useable book format which is organized into general overall themes.

This post will serve as the introduction to the KoPoint Minecraft Project.  Feel free to comment, and stay tuned.

~Doc for the KoPoint Minecraft Project

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