The KoPoint Political Explainer: What is Libertarianism?

This is the final episode of KoPoint Political Explainer, Season 1. This is a long show, and contains our show’s new Anthem. In this episode, we discuss the state of the GOP and the conservative movement in general, in the second Week of February, 2012. We also discuss what a convention is, and describe Libertarianism.

I would like to thank Chris Poirier, Erik McDonel and Dan Patterson for their participation in the show. Enjoy and feel free to comment.

1) Element: Show Intro and Minituesday Preview
Ramp: Kissramp, from Prince, “Kiss”

2) Element: Chris Poirier Intro
Talkset- Chris Poirier: “KPPE Commentary- What is a Convention”
Bed: Riddimperialism- “Rhapsody in Dub feat CKLM” downloaded from

3) Element) This is Ko Point Sweeper (Greg, Paul and Miret)
Ramp: Crackemanramp taken from Stone Temple Pilots “Where’s Mary” and “Crackerman”

4) Talkset: MiniTuesday Review
Bed- King Dubby, “Searching the Dub” downloaded from

5) Element: Onestonesweep
Ramp: Romneyramp, taken from K’Naan’s “Somalia”

6)Element: Erik McDonel Intro
Talkset: Erik McDonel “What is Libertarianism”
Bed: Guineo, “Showing Me”, downloaded from

7) Element: KoPointSweepVic
Ramp: Gorillaramp, taken from Gorilla Biscuits’ “Gorilla Biscuits”

8) Element- Dan Patterson Intro
Talkset: Dan Patterson “Notes from the Trail, CPAC Coverage”
Bed: LR60 and Mr Moods- “Silently”, downloaded from

9) Element: Ko Short ID
Ramp: Jump Around Ramp, taken from House of Pain’s “Jump Around”

10) Talkset: “KoPoint Commentary: Civil Conflict within the GOP”
Bed: Electro Nick, “One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest” downloaded from

11) Element; KP Sweep Hansen
Ramp: Imthemanramp, taken from Nashwille Pussy’s “I’m the Man”

12) Element: MiniTuesday Closer
Bed: “Take it Like a Man” by The Offspring

13) Element Kopointshortsweepamanda
Element: KPPE Anthem, “Nerd Corps” by Adam WarRock

14) Element: Outro

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